An Insider’s Guide to Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky is the second largest city in the great state of Kentucky. Additionally, it ranks number 61 in the largest cities in America. Lexington has a population of more than 315,000 (as of 2015) and is located on 285.5 square miles.

Lexington was founded in June 1775 and the colonist chartered the town on May 6, 1782. The area continues to grow throughout the 19th century. Following the Great Depression, growth in this area continued to flourish. The gently rolling hills of the Bluegrass state has excellent pastureland and fertile soil, making it the perfect place to raises horses. Because of this, Lexington is now considered the Horse Racing Capital of the World.

The residents of Lexington care about their home city and work to keep it clean. According to Forbes magazine, Lexington is the world’s seventeenth cleanest city. The government worked hard to keep the character of the area and enacted the nation’s first Urban Growth Boundary that set strict area requirements. This is one of the reasons that horse farms are so popular in the area.

Lexington experiences hot, humid summers and cold winters. It has four distinct seasons that include hot weather, rain, snow and the wind. Because of the plethora of trees and grasses, it is considered a high allergy area, according to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

The economy of the are is stable. It offers a host of jobs in the technological, entrepreneurial and manufacturing sectors. Four Fortune 500 companies are based in Lexington, including Xerox, Lexmark, IBM and Lockheed-Martin. In addition to these, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Jif Peanut Butter Plant, UPS, Amazon and Trane all have large operations in Lexington, KY.

Lexington is filled with things to do. There are several museums, a professional orchestra, a professional theater, several choral organizations and two ballet companies. Music abounds throughout the area. Lexington hosts two popular musical festivals in June, including the Festival of the Bluegrass.

Education is important to the residents of Lexington. The city has both private and public school systems, the University of Kentucky, Strayer University, Transylvania University and some other post-secondary institutions.

Visitors and residents enjoy Lexington’s primary commercial airport, the Blue Grass Airport, which is serviced by Allegiant Air, Delta, United Express, Us Airways and American Eagle. The public transit bus system has been supplying public transportation since 1972. It features routes throughout the city and is operated seven days a week.